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PerioType® Rapid

The premium implant for the periointegration

Periointegration is the unirritated embedding of an enossalen tooth implant in the surrounding oral mukosa free of inflammation.

The periointegration considers in contrast to Osseointegration not only the bone and the microbiological factors of the implant care, but also the mukosa surrounding the implant, in detail the subepitheliale connective tissue and the epithelium.

The long-term bacterial sealing of the natural junctional epithelium should thereby be achieved for the infection protection of the underneath lying tissue (connective tissue and bone).

The aim is to keep the implant surroundings free of inflammation and to prevent a periimplantitis.

The PerioType® Rapid, as an implant with high primary stability in all bone qualities, meets the requirements of the Academy of Periointegration for a periointegrative implant.

PerioType® Rapid is the first early loading implant for the prevention of periimplantitis.

PI2 - Periointegration due to premium implants

Periointegration + Osseointegration = 100% safe Implants

(Not for sale to the US market.)